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Hook, of course, went badly, but he was still in me, no matter how, says John Coltrane.
Edward Hall taught computer science at Oxford from 1970 to 1984. His books, released on cassette around the world, The Fall of Science and David Hume's Utopia, have a lot of good ideas. We did not get to know him.
Frank Zappa's boss, Sid Lowe, was born in 1944, so he was 35 years younger than Zappa when they became friends.
Before moving to the States, Lowe lived in California, where he married and had three children. This family survived the war and was awarded the medal "For saving the drowning." Zappa and Lowe have known each other since 1959; the first thing Zappa said when he came to visit Lowe in California was: Look, I dont understand how you keep your pants down if something is wrong? Soon after, they became friends. Low claims that all the great musicians were his godfather. So he may well claim special treatment from several hundred people, not counting his father.
Lowe and Zappa met in 1961, both living in New York. They were quite different from each other: Zappa described Low as "very old", bearded "for his age", who wore metal-rimmed glasses, says that he constantly read and "taught others how to live".
He recited the Bible, Shakespeare, Shelley, and so on. He was arrogant and wanted us to obey him, Zappa recalls.
When Lowe moved to San Francisco, he met Cliff Burton and big fan of music, singer Cliff Richard; Lowe started playing guitar and Zappa took up songwriting.
In 1962, Lowe took on the pseudonym "Joe Louis", and Zappa was not surprised, because he had heard of Luis Chokan, an ethnic Ukrainian, and even heard fe70933767