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This is a portable version of 7-PDF Maker, a tool that allows you to create PDF documents from various file extensions, including DOC, DOCX, RTF, .DOC, XLS, XML, XL, PPT, PPS, PPM, PLT, and PDF*. You can also create comics, presentations, external links, and even interactive PDF pages. You don't need a computer to turn your files into PDFs. WebDocBook is available for free and runs on Mac, Linux and Windows. Web 2.0 helps build websites
Easy-Taxi will help you do a lot of what a qualified driver in today's world should be able to do, whether it's cashing out or transporting money. In addition, this program includes information about possible accidents, possible hidden accounts, as well as paid fines.
Save money, time and nerves with an innovative strategy that is at the forefront of tactical thinking. Experience the possibilities and benefits of planning your budget, from managing your household budget to managing your email service. And all this will eventually become a personal financial guide that will take into account all your personal and financial goals.
This is a powerful tool to help you learn a Danish, Finnish or Hungarian course on your own, in the office or at home. You no longer need to look for teachers and additional materials. It is enough just to listen to the materials and repeat the words. This program will help you quickly master the learning material into which the passage of each lesson will be divided.
Cute Package for Wordperfect is a program that allows you to create text printouts on your computer. It will automatically generate the given text, change the font, and if required, set the line spacing, paragraph spacing, size, date format, etc. The package includes word translation, editing and formatting, as well as superscript and subscript apostrophe commands. This package offers an easy and fast way to create various text documents.
A set of programs for working with archives, databases and the Internet. Supports all popular formats .rar, .zip, .html, .txt, .jpg, .mp3, .wav, .mpeg,, etc. Convenient folder navigation and fast archive search.
Total Commander is a simple text editor (more precisely f02ee7bd2b